Paradise Shade IBIZA

The Adored Eco-friendly and most Clever Accessory for Branding. From BackStage film/photo shoots to the World.
* Custom Artsy BambooCraft personal Parasol/Umbrella TREND Self-Selling at XL-Events; Formula1/ Expo/ Award/ Festival/ Concert/ etc.


A Beauty of Prominence

that slept about a 100 years


In early 1900's, as the beauty of using Personal Shades was a common fashion finally being made to fit any dress, it was tossed in the attic to be forgotten as fashion too often moves in senseless ways. But now some 100 years later the Personal Shade is back in Fashion. Though this time, the ZEN-life Style comfort-habit of this 5000 years old 'Royal Accessory' is coming to expression more truthfully one could say, as it is now recognized as a -CleverTRend- by both its users and dermatologists for being the most elegant of all useful and practical things that truly are many more great things than just a clever fashion accessory. And all without any hat-hair syndrome. In fact the only syndrome recorded in using Personal Shades, is the addiction to the more relaxing 'face-in-the-shade feeling'.

Fantastically, now again to suit any Style, the stuning bamboo hand-crafted Personal Shades are being made for all the more different flavors to enjoy the clever beauty of
'Own Shade Space' and are also the coolest 'Must-Have' souvenirs of large events, such as Fomula1, Music and Film Festivals, Concerts and so forth.  

The Japanese are ahead of us westerners with several natural healthy solutions, and they are well into the Clever Trend of using Personal Shades since the tanned-skin fashion did not manage to fool a nation who knows better and therefore chose to prioritize good skin-health over 'some' deteriorating tanning-fashion. The beautiful thing about SmilaZ 'raw elegance' Shades is that they don't block out the Sun so much that you don't get your healthy glow. You simply tan slower as it is keeping primarily your face neck and shoulders out of the constant direct sun-exposure, which is logically allways safer.

SmilaZ tells us that there are many more new designs and ideas in work;
We've found so many cool things about bamboo crafted shades by just using them, and the name 'raw elegance' was partly inspired by how this exotic natural material Shade harmonizes with all the beautiful nature everywhere, starting on the beautiful isla' Ibiza where the concept was 'born'. Unlike the metal beach-umbrellas for instance.
Each of our shades is a fine artsy hand-Craft, and all of the most practical size to be a big enough shade while also small enough to bring along anywhere, fitting easily into most bags. Even in the snow or the city rain it turns heads, makes people smile in a pleasantly surprised-like way, while children point fingers in exitement. You litterally can say that there is a general “Lighting-up” effect in response from most eyes that notice someone using the Bamboo-Craft Shade, and it was these sort of scene-changing experiences that inspired us to the naming it 'Paradise Shade'.
Whenever I'm not too occupied I always notice from behind my sunglasses how the Craft Shade is repeatedly appreciated for its appearance most everywhere.
Perhaps if there had been dermatologists recommending as loudly as today a 100 years ago, that constant direct sun-exposure causes premature aging, we'd probably all have an exquisite collection of Personal Shades by now. One ought to just notice how the elderly always have baby-beautiful-like skinn on the parts that are hardly ever exposed to the sun, and how especially the skin of the chest, but also face shoulders and arms, has become all spotty and leather-looking, which would surely not be as such if our silly forefathers had know enough to not ditch the personal shade trend for the crazy ideas promogramed into our heads by all the media -who will promote anything for money no matter how unhealthy and misleading it might be, since everything has been 1st and foremost (in fact ONLY) about generating money without minding personal nor global health.   
And talking about sun-exposure, I'll never forget this elderly lady in the changing-room of my fitness studio. The difference between the skin that had clearly always been hidden by her bathing-suit was looking exactly the same as mine, and I was 21 at the time while she was undoubtly in her 60's. A totally opposite example is my uncle's lady who has
always been rather avoiding the sun, if you know someone like that, you might notice how beautifull and healthy their skin looks even with wrinkles -as they are solely of age, without any sun-damage. Unless you're running around dressed like a bank-robber-man 24-7, it's rather the exaggeration of constant direct sun-exposure, even while not purposely tanning, that eventually makes the skin look like a roast-beef or even a dry old leather-sofa.
The bamboo-craft Shades of today, appear like big flowers, enhancing to the presence of the clever-trendy 'someone' in his 'Own Shade'. No wonder that the 'upper class' of some 100 years ago, used to present Personal Shades to their loved ones as a gift to say 'I care about you'. And today with the rising temperatures and increasing intensity of the sun-rays, you can better say that it is now more than ever before, a present of caring thoughtfulness.